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Algae Feed

AlgatekAlgae Feed

About us

Algatek is a Bio-Tech Research and Development Company, which after 7 years of development and test runs has patented a new type of bioreactor, the “Algae Accelerator” (AAA), which will be operated in indoor production facilities to shield the algae from certain sun spectrums that are a detriment to the algae growth. The sunlight has been substituted by LED light, which allows a production cycle between 22 to  24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Which results in faster cultivation as opposed to other, more common methods.


Algae are very diverse and found almost everywhere on the planet. They play an important role in many ecosystems, including providing the foundation for the aquatic food chains supporting all fisheries in the oceans and inland, as well as producing about 70 percent of all the air we breathe.


Most microalgae grow through photosynthesis – by converting sunlight, CO2 and a few nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorous, into material known as biomass.

Nannochloropsis gaditana

The genus Nannochloropsis comprises at least six photoautotrophic algal species in the Eustigmatophyceae stramenopile lineage that are found in fresh, brackish, and ocean waters. Nannochloropsis cells reproduce asexually, dividing to yield two daughter cells that then shed their mother cell wall. Several Nannochloropsis species have been studied as candidate production strains in large-scale biofuel facilities because of their hardy outdoor growth profiles and high lipid yields. They are also producers of valuable pigments and nutritive oils and are commonly used as an aquaculture feed.

Our Technology

Our proprietary AAA bioreactor technology enables us to produce large volumes of high-quality microalgae ingredients for customers all over the world. Unlike other methods our AAA bioreactor technology allows us to cultivate the algae with high EPA values 24/7 up to 50 tons per year.



A special designed stainless steel structure, allows a large number of AAA basic units to be placed side by side and stacked on top of each other in several levels, which reduces ground surface requirement and operational costs of running a full-scale production plant.

Approximate Composition

Biomass contained

37.6% (w/w) carbohydrates
28.8% crude protein
18.4% total lipids


Mineral in 300g of Algae Paste

Ca (972 mg)    K (533 mg)
Na (659 mg)   Mg (316 mg)
Zn (103 mg)    Fe (136 mg)
Mn (3.4 mg)   Cu (35.0 mg)
Ni (0.22 mg)   Co (<0.1 mg)

Toxic heavy metal contents:

Omega 3 3%


Our products can be used for:

  •  Cultivation of rotifers
  • Green water technique
  • Enrichment of feed with EPA
  • Feed for mollusks, clams and oysters
  • Coral nutrition


  • Performance as live algae
  • Biosecure and no sedimentation
  • 3x better performance than other feeds
  • 15% dry weight Nannochlorpsis
  • Suitable for high saline conditions
  • Frozen product: shelf life of 18 months

Samples available on request

POA (Price on application and volume)

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33111 Teverga (Asturias)