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Algatek Technology

Our proprietary AAA bioreactor technology enables us to produce large volumes of high-quality microalgae ingredients for customers all over the world. Unlike other methods our AAA bioreactor technology allows us to cultivate the algae 24/7. 

Algatek technology

Industrial production of microalgae biomass is even with the latest known production technology suffering from a combination of high production costs,low yields due to reliance on climate and sunshine hours per day and fluctuating qualities. This is caused by lack of control of the critical growth parameters, such as applied levels of carbon dioxide and other nutrients, the water temperature and PH values as well as the correct light spectrums.


There are more than 450 Waste-to-Energy plants throughout Europe, which have been built to convert industrial and municipal waste into valuable energy that can be resold into the electricity grid. Some of the inherent problems with most Waste-to-Energy techniques have been the emissions to the atmosphere and the varied energy levels in the waste. One of the newest and environmentally friendly techniques on the market today is the “Plasma Gasification Melting Closed Cycle” (PGMCC) technology, developed and patented by the Hungarian company Int Energia in cooperation with the companies PLASIS CJSC for plasma, Aviadvigatel OJSC for gas turbines and Algatek S.L.

The Algatek Algae Accelerator (AAA) is a vital component to the PGMCC technology because:

All emitted CO2 from the PGMCC plants is absorbed and utilised in the cultivation of the algae biomass and the emissions from the process is pure oxygen. This is feasible due to the high efficiency and industrial biomass output level of the Algatek Algae Accelerator.

The Biomass produced is distilled into biofuel used to power the PGMCC plants, which ensures a stable continuous operation of the power generating stations, and increases the production of electric power.

The PGMCC Complexes are cost-effective to operate at capacity of 15.000 t/year to 600,000 t of solid household and industrial waste per year. Complexes based on the PGMCC Technology solves a wide range of problems devoted to the protection of the environment and generates significant amounts of electric power without releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This conforms to EU requirements for modern energy generating facilities, taking into account restrictions imposed by the Kyoto protocol.